Friday, August 21, 2009

How it all Began: My Love Affair With My greatest Love : Soccer

My neighbourhood boys usually played in the ground near our house when i say boys i mean all between the age 7 to 18. Yeah.

Now i have two great footballing friends Pavan and "Bobby". Bobby is always bouncing around. Great Striker. Pavan is the one who holds the team together. Passes and all that.

Me I didnt exactly set the stage on fire till the last year but yeah i was umm... alright.

Then we have Sundeep to back us up and an excellent 'Keeper in Ajay or Choti as we call him...

So that day when i was in 7th we were playing like the worst game of our life..

Down 6 goals to 1.

That was umm.. Horrifying...

Then we had this stroke of luck .

The ball fell to me and i passed it to Pavan.

Well yeah the magic weaver.

He somehow dribbled past two players and they were mighty big mind you and then came the kiddy defence who slide down and make you fall.Everything is Fair there u know.

He passed the ball to Bobby and the guy shot fom the edge of the box to score.

4 goals down now..

This went on and actually we managed to hold the other team at 7 apiece.

That Day i scored my first double and both were drives along the gound.

Well the other team was like somebody crapped in their faces. You dont concede goals like that and you know what....

My Love for Football Began That Day..